What is Sex Therapy?

Sex Therapy is a psychotherapy that specifically addresses sexual concerns and sexual well-being within the context of our lives, our relationships, our general health, and our history. It looks at our sexuality as one of the ways we express ourselves in the world, and helps to reconnect us to our vitality and passion. It is an opportunity to talk one-to-one with a qualified therapist about any issues you have in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment.

We offer weekly sessions each 50 minutes long. We aim to understand the particular sexual difficulties in the context of your life, and focus on its specific meaning to you. Sex Therapy is a talking therapy. Using tried and tested psychotherapeutic and psychosexual approaches and techniques we work both short and long term depending on your needs.

Our focus is always to improve your sexual confidence and reduce any shame – as a first step this often helps in the process of alleviating many sexual problems.

Whether in a relationship or not, people often find it difficult to discuss sex. If you are experiencing problems we understand that it can leave you feeling helpless, lonely, frustrated and ashamed.

Sex can be enjoyable and playful, and is a natural part of life. Our integrative approach to therapy will help you to reconnect and resolve unaddressed issues that are affecting your day-to-day living and your relationships.

Do you have any of these concerns?

  • Consistently low sexual desire
  • Problems getting and maintaining erections
  • Difficulty controlling ejaculations and timing
  • Difficulty reaching orgasm
  • Difficulty relaxing and enjoying sex
  • Loss of sexual intimacy in your relationship
  • Anxiety or pain during intercourse
  • Embarrassment, shame or guilt about or during sex
  • Sexual trauma or abuse as a child or an adult
  • Compulsive sexual behaviour
  • Tensions in the relationship about frequency or preferences in sex

Many individuals and couples experience sexual problems at some point in their lives. These can be the result of a troubled relationship, past sexual trauma, low self-esteem, depression, health problems and prescribed medication. You might simply feel you need more knowledge about sex, or some help adjusting to a new stage of life.

Any of these can disrupt or prevent satisfying and healthy sexual functioning and Sex Therapy can help you resolve these issues. Call confidentially for an initial chat to see whether we can help.

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